Roemheld has launched a swing clamp range that offers a clamping force up to 75% higher than the previous range thanks to the introduction of an innovative sturdy swing mechanism.  The clamping arm length can also be increased by up to 75% and the clamps will operate at a higher maximum pressure of 350 bar; increasing safety and performance across a wide range of applications

Optimisation of the piston design with high-tensile material has resulted in stronger clamping arms which not only increase the long-life cycle of the product, but also the process safety. The sturdy swing mechanism will even survive a collision of the clamping arm with the workpiece at maximum operating pressure.

With a clamping force that is up to 75 per cent higher than before, the new swing clamp range s even more suited for applications requiring machining from several sides. It is also advantageous when used in automated manufacturing systems, assembly lines or test systems such as motors, gears or axles.  As the maximum operating pressure is now 350 bar, higher clamping forces can be obtained with the same clamping arm length by increasing the operating pressure. Or alternatively, longer clamping arms can be mounted.

Optional pneumatic position monitoring allows the swing clamp to be clamped using a spring-loaded control tappet, operated by a control vane connected at  the clamping arm.

As well as a standard FKM wiper seal, which has a high chemical resistance against aggressive cutting fluids, the swing clamp can also be equipped with a metallic wiper. The metallic wiper protects the FKM wiper against mechanical damage, especially in the case of heavy cutting operations.

To ensure ease of refit, the location hole and dimensions remain the same as the previous range so that a quick exchange is guaranteed. Only the length is a slightly increased due to the elongation of the clamping arm seat and the piston rod.

To find out more about the Roemheld range of innovative workholding solutions, including the latest swing clamps, visit or telephone 0121 453 1414.

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