New rules for old cars

End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations announced today will require vehicle manufacturers to take back vehicles from consumers and ensure that more waste from scrap cars and light vans is recycled.

Car manufacturers will in future have to take back cars from consumers and ensure that more of the waste from scrap cars and light vans is recycled rather than landfilled, following new Government regulations announced today.

The End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) Regulations 2005, which come into effect on March 3 2005, establish new responsibilities for vehicle manufacturers and professional importers.

From 2006, manufacturers and importers will have put in place collection networks to take back their own brands of vehicles, when those vehicles reach the end of their lives. They will also have to ensure that value is recovered from 85% of the weight of their ELVs (95% from 2015). From 2007, those affected by the new regulations will have to provide “free take-back” to last owners, who present their ELVs for scrapping at collection networks.

“About two million cars and vans are scrapped each year in the UK,” said Energy Minister Mike O’Brien. “By ensuring that more are recycled through convenient take-back facilities, these regulations will benefit the environment and ought to be good news for car owners.”