New software brings ease of use to Ansys

Ansys/Professional is a new generation of software tools which features a new GUI – known as the Mechanical Toolbar – to ensure ease of use.

With sequential tabbed menus and drop-down boxes, Ansys/Professional makes setting and running an analysis as easy as using any Windows application. But running behind this new intuitive interface is proven Ansys power that produces reliable results to difficult engineering problems.

Gary Carter of Ansys Europe explains: `Ansys software has traditionally required extensive training and engineering experience to run effectively. Ansys/Professional delivers a considerable amount of technology right out of the box, and is ideal for those who lack Ansys experience.’

For those with more analysis experience, Ansys/Professional also allows you to access the traditional Ansys GUI from the Mechanical Toolbar, giving access to additional power and control for tougher problems.

Ansys has also announced that Turbomeca and Microturbo – leading European producers of small and medium power aeronautical and industrial gas turbines and related equipment – have selected Ansys as their premier software for design verification and optimisation.

Turbomeca produces turbines for helicopters, training planes, auxiliary power units, and other land and marine applications, and reports that it selected Ansys for its ability to perform large and complex calculations, which it sees as key to maintaining its technological lead and competitiveness. Microturbo makes air and auxiliary power units, engines for missiles, torpedoes and target drones, and power systems for command posts.

Ansys Europe Tel: 0118 988 0229