New TC1130 runs Linux

Infineon Technologies today introduced the TC1130 microcontroller, a new 32-bit chip capable of running the full-featured Linux operating system for industrial and communications applications.

Infineon Technologies today introduced the TC1130 microcontroller (MCU). The new 32-bit chip is said to be the first high-volume TriCore derivative capable of running the full-featured Linux operating system for industrial and communications applications.

According to Infineon, the TC1130 is designed for use in programmable logic control (PLC) systems, high-performance motor drive systems, industrial communications devices, such as switches, hubs and routers; and consumer applications, such as set-top boxes.

Based on TriCore Unified Processor architecture, the TC1130 extends Infineon’s 32-bit MCU family by offering an on-chip Memory Management Unit (MMU) and Floating Point Unit (FPU), on-chip peripherals, and a clock rate up to 150 MHz.

At 200 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) the average performance of the TC1130 reportedly exceeds other currently available industrial MCUs by a factor of three.

With a Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbit per second) controller, four CAN (Controller Area Network) nodes and a USB (Universal Serial Bus) module, the TC1130 accommodates the migration of industrial systems from specialised interface and communications architectures to standards pioneered in the computer industry.

This allows a company’s production lines to be easily connected to control systems and networks, as well as true real-time, deterministic operation. The integrated FPU and MMU also support the use of Linux or RTAI Linux operating systems.

Other features of the TC1130 include 144 Kbytes of on-chip RAM memory, a 64-bit high-performance Local Memory Bus (LMB) that provides fast access between caches and external memories, and Infineon’s Flexible Peripherals Interface bus for enhanced on-chip communications.

The TC1130, packaged in a 208-pin Plastic Low-profile Ball Grid Array (P-LBGA), is available now. Two versions, at 100 MHz and 150 MHz clock speed are available, and the chip is specified for the ambient temperature range from -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C. In quantities of 10,000 pieces, it is priced at 12.05 Euros per unit. Infineon and its distribution partners also provide Starter Kit and Evaluation Board packages to speed system development and test.

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