New Teleguard package offers global UPS control and monitoring

Riello Galatrek has released Teleguard, a new UPS management tool that enables users to remotely supervise and control the status of their UPS installation in real-time.

Teleguard, the latest UPS (uninterruptible power system) monitoring and control system from Riello Galatrek, is a UPS management tool that connects over networks or via a modem, enabling users to remotely supervise and control the status of their UPS installation in real-time.

Teleguard is said to be compatible with the Power Dialog Plus, Multi Dialog, Master Dialog and PowerCentre2 ranges of Riello Galatrek UPS, and is available either as a standalone product – allowing users to monitor their own installations – or as a complete service, offered through the Riello Galatrek UK service centre.

Teleguard uses standard databases to store information about the monitored UPS, as well as user rights and customer details. Its 24/7 monitoring capability permits either the customer or the Riello Galatrek service centre to control UPS devices situated at any geographical location by using standard communications protocols.

Customers can use the system to group audible alarms into defined categories, including Critical, Major and Minor. Depending on the severity of the alarm, Teleguard can be programmed to log the event to its database, sound, produce a local or network pop up message, run a script command, send a fax or e-mail or play back a pre-recorded message over the telephone. The software can also be set to contact the Riello Galatrek service centre for a health check at regular intervals.

For users that prefer to specify a fully managed service, Riello Galatrek offers a series of Teleguard annual service packages, depending on the customer’s individual requirements. Silver, Gold and Platinum schemes are available, offering respectively next day, same day and 4 clock hour response times.

Teleguard is fully compatible with Riello Galatrek’s established PowerShield2 UPS monitoring and control software, enabling the software to display information in the form of bar charts, and digital values for critical UPS data including mains voltage, UPS load and battery charge percentage.

A graphical display provides detailed information on a wide range of UPS parameters, featuring an events log that retains details on and changes in UPS operating status, allowing users to check trends on input voltage, load applied and battery back-up.

UPS devices that are linked to Teleguard via the PowerShield2 software can be configured with their own shutdown procedures to offer the highest levels of system security and power management. This enables the user to programme their preferred power off and power up requirements, which the system then initiates. Activity can be scheduled by day, week or any other appropriate timescale. This facility allows users to detail both a sequential or priority based UPS shutdown.

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