New tools for vision

Data Translation has announced DT Vision Foundry 3.5, the latest release of its machine vision software.

The new software includes several new tools and features – including a 2D Data Matrix Tool that analyses 2D bar codes in 360 degrees rotation, no matter if the images are distorted, blurred or water damaged – with processing speeds between two to nine milliseconds.

In addition, applications built with DT Vision Foundry can now network with other DCOM-based applications using Data Translation’s Information Exchange (DTiX). Included in DTiX is the DT Remote feature, which loads and unloads a DT Vision Foundry executable running in the background behind the user interface (created with Visual Basic or Visual C++). DT Remote also lets users start and stop scripts remotely. This is critical in industries where remote start and stop is preferred because of safety and contamination concerns.

A new ‘Polar Unwrap Tool’ re-maps images with round objects into linear or rectangular objects for fast computation, while a ‘Point and Click Script Tool’ features 38 tools to graphically create scripts. Users can also code custom tools or custom applications using API calls.

A ‘Match Tool’ correlates a percentage score between two images (such as product and golden) and compares that score to the golden standard. The tool reports the percentage of the difference between the two images.

Yet another tool, this one dubbed the Enhanced Digital I/O Tool’, enables external pass/fail event control. This tool supports current and new Data Translation digital I/O boards, such as the PCI DT351 and the high-speed, multifunction DT3162 Mach II Frame Grabber, for easier access to all digital I/O capabilities of the hardware.

A ‘Device Manager’ feature lets users set-up device settings for all input devices in one central location for easy maintenance. The option to add third-party settings is also included.

DT Vision Foundry 3.5 is available for immediate order with delivery within 30 days, and is priced at $3495. The software is IBM PC compatible.

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