New transient voltage suppressers

Two new families of transient voltage suppressers, including the first bidirectional, 800-W-rated TVS in the SMB package, were released today by Vishay Intertechnology.

The new surface-mount TransZorb products are offered with 500-W, 800-W, and 1000-W peak pulse power ratings (10/1000 µs waveform). Vishay offers the 500-W, unidirectional and bidrectional TVSs in the SMA package, and the 800-W bidrectional and 1000-W unidirectional TVSs in the SMB package.

With a choice of maximum stand-off voltages in increments from 5 V to 40 V, the new families comprise 156 standard device options.

Designed to protect voltage-sensitive components, including MOS devices and low-power ICs, the new TransZorb devices are said to respond instantaneously to transient overvoltage conditions in power supplies, automotive systems, the fixed telecom infrastructure, and many other applications.

The devices meet IEC standards for protecting against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient (EFT) conditions in data lines, as well as offering protection against switching transients and induced RF. According to Vishay, a glass-passivated junction construction ensures long-term reliability.

Both the SMA and SMB packages feature an Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0, built-in strain relief, and an operating temperature of -55 degrees C to +150 degrees C. Footprint dimensions are 5.10 mm by 2.66 mm by 2.13 mm high for the SMA and 5.40 mm by 3.62 mm by 2.28 mm high for the SMB.

Samples and production quantities of the new TransZorb transient voltage suppressers are available now, with lead times of four to six weeks for larger orders.

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