New wave of generators

Continuing to expand its line of test tools for electronic systems design, Fluke Europe has introduced the new Wavetek-Datron 195 and 300 Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWG).

The Wavetek-Datron 195 is geared toward lower speed applications, and has clock rates extending to 40Msamples/s on each of the two or four channels. Each channel has its own 12-bit analogue to digital converter providing high-resolution waveforms for applications demanding precise signal simulation. Individual channels can be added together or modulated with other channels or external sources.

The 300 family is a range of single and dual channel medium-speed AWGs designed to address complex problems in electronic systems design. With features that include clock rates up to 300Msample/s and a 10-bit digital to analog conversion, the 300 series enables accurate definition and generation of a variant of signal classes.