NewLogic rolls out Bluetooth baseband processor core

NewLogic’s new BOOST Lite Bluetooth baseband processor core has been developed for use in Xilinx Virtex II and Virtex-E FPGAs.

NewLogic’s BOOST Lite core performs all baseband functions and is qualified by the Bluetooth Qualification Board (BQB). It is compliant with the latest v1.1 Bluetooth specification and performs the key functions of data serialisation, cyclic redundancy checking, encryption, and forward error correction. The core has selectable operating frequency modes (12, 13 or 16 MHz) and low power modes (sniff, hold, and park).

All Bluetooth packet types as well as TDMA/TDD frames are supported and the core also processes voice traffic by means of an optional Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation (CVSD) encoder and PCM interface. A BOOST Lite development board for Xilinx Virtex-II and Virtex-E FPGAs is available for Bluetooth system development purposes.

The baseband processor residing in the Virtex-II FPGA interfaces to an external SiliconWave radio module and ARM processor. The core also comes with an optional software stack that includes the Link Control (L2CAP), Link Manager (LMP), and HCI layers of the Bluetooth protocol stack.

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