Newly opened NMITE targets unlikely engineers

NMITE, a brand new UK university in Hereford that will take a novel approach to teaching engineering, is now open for business and seeking its first students.

The Pioneer Cohort of 50 learners will join in March 2021 with their first year fully funded by NMITE partners

The ‘Pioneer Cohort’ at NMITE (New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering) will consist of 50 students, with no requirements for the traditional maths or physics A levels that usually accompany higher education engineering courses. Instead, those subjects will be taught alongside practical engineering knowledge that will aim to have students ready for real-world work in just three years. To attract students from a variety of backgrounds and at differing life stages, NMITE says it will consider every application individually, evaluating a person’s attitude, mindset and passion for engineering alongside their qualifications.

New NMiTE university inaugurated in Hereford

“We are delighted to announce that NMITE is now open and ready to recruit its Pioneer Cohort of learners,” said Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, president & chief executive of NMITE.

“Thank you to everyone who has played a part in getting us to today including those who had the inspirational vision and tenacity to push forwards, all my colleagues, funders and industry partners who have shared this vision and supported us. Our attention now turns to the exciting task of inviting applications and meeting prospective learners. What 2020 has shown more than ever is that we need more work-ready engineers, and we are delighted that NMITE will be playing a role in educating engineers equipped to tackle global challenges.”

The Pioneer Cohort will join in March 2021 and will be the first graduates of NMITE’s Master’s Degree in Integrated Engineering in just over three years’ time. They will have their academic fees and accommodation costs covered in full for their first year. According to NMITE, the focus will be ‘learning-by-doing’, with students assessed via regular real-life projects rather than exams. In the longer term, it is hoped the new university will be home to as many as 5,000 students at any one time.

New student accommodation has also been built in Hereford

“Like many of the Trustees, I have been involved with NMITE for many years and it is therefore especially exciting to see how the original, innovative vision we had for NMITE and for Herefordshire has come to fruition,” said NMITE chairman Dame Fiona Kendrick.

“This vision is even more relevant today than ever before as the need for work-ready engineers to help drive UK productivity is obvious to us all. It is truly remarkable what has been built from a small gem of an idea to the NMITE that opens its doors to applications today. It has been an extraordinary journey so far and we look forward to 2021 and beyond with huge enthusiasm and optimism.”