News in brief

Fatigue analysis gets a wake up call

Ansys has announced that Flexpac will be bundled with its Ansys multiphysics program. Flexpac was developed by Merl (UK), a longtime member of the Ansys Enhanced Solution Partners (ESP) program. The bundle, being marketed by Merl, consists of the Flexpac solver and Ansys/PrepPost. It enables users to make fatigue calculations an integral part of the design process for a wide range of elastomeric components, such as mounts and bearings, to help ensure durability.

Ansys. Tel: 01189 880229

ParaCAD+ now packs more power

CADlogic has packed more power into Version 1.7 of paraCAD+, building in as standard many features which are sold only as add-ons with other CAD systems. As standard you now get: additional high productivity snaps, including intelligent snap; automatic scaled scrap view from existing geometry; isometric projections from orthogonal views, isometric drawing commands and true isometric dimensioning; user definable bills of materials; automatic drill table generation; and limits and fits on dimensions that automatically recalculate if the geometry is shaped. Another neat feature is the ‘notes view’ facility, allowing a separate notes view that is storable with all drawings.

CADlogic. Tel: 01543 419886

Library of material properties

Flomerics has introduced a new custom version of the Relative Metrics’ EPMatLib library of materials property data for the electronics packaging industry.