News in brief

Helping design wheel end components

Heavy truck and trailer manufacturers, including Volvo and Navistar, look to Webb Wheel Products to provide wheel end components that are optimised for strength and weight, and delivered in a timely manner. Webb Wheel meets those demands by reducing unnecessary prototype testing and optimising its designs using Algor’s CADKEY 97 and mechanical engineering software products.

Algor. Tel: +1 412 967 2700

With PDMS upgrade, you’ll save time

Cadcentre says release 11.2 of its PDMS software makes the product easier to use, will make projects easier to manage, and will make design teams more productive. This latest version runs under Windows NT, and offers up to a five times improvement in speed over its predecessor. Most importantly, says the company, the familiarity of the enhanced and updated Windows style user interface will help PDMS users to become productive faster.

Cadcentre. Tel: 01223 556655

Parallel rendering support for Onyx2

Division has just released a new version of its dV/MockUp software with specialised support for the Silicon Graphics Onyx2 visualisation supercomputer running in RealityMonster mode. This new release (version 6.0) supports low latency rendering of very large mechanical databases. The parallel rendering technique splits the graphics load between 4-8 graphics pipelines, by subdividing the screen into a number of sub-regions which are then each rendered concurrently. Using this technique, dV/MockUp can sustain performance of over 32M polygons/second.

Division. Tel: 01454 615554