News in brief

CAD enabled Internet

How much use are you making of the Internet? With CADDNET, you could quite possibly be doing a whole lot more. It offers you the ability to take advantage of low cost wide area networking, rapid drawing transfer and could help you boost your global presence by creating an Internet showroom. CADDNET offers solutions to all your security requirements. Other capabilities include video conferencing on the Web.

CAMstone Tel: 0161 476 5102

WorkManager integrated with Catia

CoCreate Software has announced WorkManager Integration for Catia, giving Catia users a complete solution for managing their 2D and 3D data. WorkManager Integration for Catia allows models created using Catia to be stored in the WorkManager database and then retrieved as required. CoCreate believes Catia users will find that managing objects within the WorkManager database dramatically reduces the time spent searching for data. WorkManager Integration also allows elements of a design to be reused much more easily. Furthermore, the capability to handle assembly structures enhances design methods significantly, without adding complexity to the process.

CoCreate Tel: 01344 360000

IntelliCAD debuts in Chicago

Visio demonstrated IntelliCAD 98 at the NDES show in Chicago last month. The 32-bit Windows CAD application is claimed to be the first viable alternative to AutoCAD to hit the market. More details are available at

Visio Tel:+1 206 521 4500