News in brief

CAD viewer offers enhanced features

An enhanced version of SolidView, the CAD viewing and verification software for the PC, is now available from Bix. SolidView 3.2 includes several enhancements and improvements, including the ability to use OpenGL graphics and improved 2D file support. Among the graphics and annotation enhancements, two new rendering modes Hidden Line and Smooth+Face are included in SolidView for the first time. In addition, the Shade+Face mode has been improved. 2D SolidView annotations can now be fully associated with the 3D geometry following the introduction of a new annotation connector. This permits any 2D annotations, such as notes, text and markups, to be associated with or connected to a specific point or area on the 3D model.

Bix Tel: 0115 840 4060

Low cost drawings viewer for Windows

CoCreate has announced a new, low cost solution for viewing and printing drawings created using its ME10 2D design, drafting and documentation package. ME10 Viewer has been optimised to run on Windows PCs, and does not require a full ME10 license. ME10 Viewer will be of value to anyone wanting to view or print a customer’s ME10 drawings.

CoCreate Tel: 01344 362091

Virtual laboratory speeds up design

Gedas and Silicon Graphics have announced the launch of the Open Digital Mock-Up (Open DMU), designed to reduce solution development times from design to assembly. The digital model enables companies to solve construction problems in advance in a virtual workshop, rather than face expensive changes on the shop floor.