News in brief

A new approach to heat integration

Hyprotech describes HX-Net as a revolutionary conceptual design tool that helps businesses meet the continuous challenge of increased productivity, lower energy consumption and tighter environmental constraints. It is especially useful in solving heat exchanger network retrofit projects. Key capabilities of HX-Net include the focus on the design of heat exchange networks and provision of all the pinch technology insights in an integrated and interactive environment.

Hyprotech Tel: +1 403 520 6000

Japanese joint venture

SolidWorks, in a joint venture with Kuboto Solid Technology, has set up in Tokyo to accelerate its penetration of the Japanese CAD market. SolidWorks says customers in Japan will benefit through easy access to the product and timely, qualified product support and training. SolidWorks Japan will provide marketing, training, distribution, implementation and technical support to existing SolidWorks resellers, as well as recruit new resellers to expand SolidWorks’ market presence and distribution channel.

SolidWorks Tel: 01223 346900

Visio announces 2D package upgrade

Visio has upgraded its drawing and diagramming software. Visio Technical 5.0 Plus offers more content and deeper functionality. Process engineers, for example, will benefit from new and improved tools for creating process flow and piping and instrumentation diagrams, as well as customisable reporting for better data management. At the same time, facilities managers get an easy, more visual alternative to CAD and spreadsheets to track assets across the enterprise and perform ‘what if’ space planning.