Prestolite powers forward with Cadtek

Prestolite Electric has signed a multi-seat deal with Cadtek for CAD and PDM software and hardware worth over £250,000. The systems are being installed at Prestolite’s design and manufacturing facility in Acton, West London, and are based on SolidWorks and SmarTeam – a complementary enterprise-wide data management solution from Smart Solutions. Prestolite Electric designs and manufactures electrical components for heavy duty vehicles, in particular alternators and starter motors for diesel engines.

Cadtek Systems Tel: 01663 741405

Star-CD CFD ported to Windows NT

Star-CD – the powerful software tool for understanding and analysing complex industrial thermofluids problems from Computational Dynamics – is now available for Windows NT. For convenience, all Star-CD components are started graphically from a `launcher’ master control panel. To aid interoperability, binary datafiles are compatible with most Unix machines.

Computational Dynamics Tel: 0181 969 9639

New projector is totally cool

Philips Creative Display Solutions says that Flotherm thermal management software from Flomerics played a key role in the development of the Hopper SV10 – a virtually silent multimedia projector designed for front projection in small meeting rooms. Using Flotherm to determine the air flow, heat transfer and temperatures within the projector, Philips’ engineers were able to optimise the location of critical components and to create the `Philips Air System’ (PAS).

Flomerics Tel: 0181 941 8810