Component testing boosts car reliability

Ford is using software developed by AEA Technology to test components efficiently and get models to market more quickly. Engineers at Ford technical centres around the world will be able to quickly assess the durability of components in prototype vehicles. The software intreprets data from equipment such as strain gauges, accelerometers and other sensors to ensure that components – such as the chassis – are tough enough to withstand years on the road.

AEA Technology Tel: 01235 433612

AutoCAD 2000 to support Pentium III

Autodesk has confirmed that its AutoCAD 2000 software will be compatible with Intel’s new Pentium III processor. The Streaming SIMD Extensions native to the Pentium III offer significant gains for 3D applications. It will be particularly beneficial for the new 3D Orbit and Dynamic Visualisation capabilities in AutoCAD 2000, and for other Autodesk programs like Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD Architectural Desktop.

Autodesk Tel: 01483 462600

Microcadam pulls into 3D

Microcadam has created a product that creates 3D models by pulling 2D AutoCAD drawings into Helix Modelling.

Starting within AutoCAD, you are prompted to select the views required for the generation of the 3D model. These are then automatically `pulled’ into Helix and the model is generated using the Helix AutoSolid or Gen3D functions. This quick and easy model creation is inherent within Helix, and provides users the added benefit of producing and using a 3D design without initially having to start the 3D from scratch.

Microcadam Tel: 01628 488166