NI DIAdem 2010 Simplifies Reporting and Enhances Data Visualisation

New Version of Data Management Software Features GPS Synchronisation and Sound Data Playback Capabilities

August 18, 2010 – National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) has announced NI DIAdem 2010, the latest version of the data management software that helps engineers and scientists better manage, analyse and report on data collected during data acquisition or generated through simulations. The new version of DIAdem features GPS synchronisation, sound data playback and increased offline analysis and reporting capabilities. This combination of features gives engineers and scientists the opportunity to increase the return on their data investment by reducing the time it takes to make decisions from data collected in applications such as automotive, aviation and structural and environmental monitoring.

National Instruments integrated customer feedback to design DIAdem 2010 specifically with test and measurement engineers and scientists in mind. With the ability to view GPS information on a map display, DIAdem 2010 provides a new method to interact with and visualise data. It also offers the option to stream map images through a network connection or cache map images locally. To better understand measurements, engineers and scientists can characterise the effect of geographic or environmental context on data acquisition by synchronising measurement and GPS data playback. For example, when conducting in-vehicle data logging, engineers and scientists can take the GPS location of the vehicle into consideration to understand what environmental phenomena, such as an elevation change or intersection encounter, caused the vehicle to decrease in speed.

In addition, DIAdem 2010 now offers sound data playback and increased analysis and reporting capabilities. Engineers and scientists can interact with sound data in a new way by synchronising the playback of sound data with measurement data to hear measurements in action. Also, DIAdem offers the option to automatically convert textual or MathML formulas to graphical math displays to more effectively represent calculations used during analysis. These embedded formulas provide significant value when creating publication-ready reports, with immediate one-click export to the most common printable, shareable report formats including PDF, HTML and Microsoft PowerPoint.

These new features help engineers and scientists save time locating, analysing and reporting results offline. DIAdem 2010 provides a powerful feature set that is optimised for high-speed loading and analysis of large data sets. To receive the most value from test and measurement data, engineers and scientists can combine DIAdem with technologies including the Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) file format for data storage and the NI DataFinder for indexing files.

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