Nissan plans to hire 200 new staff for its Sunderland plant

Nissan announced today that it has launched a recruitment campaign for engineers and maintenance technicians to join its Sunderland plant.

The company said that up to 200 new positions across the plant will support the current levels of production, the introduction of electric vehicle technology to the UK at the new Battery Plant and the development of the Nissan Leaf and the next-generation Nissan Qashqai.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan vice-president for manufacturing in the UK, said: ‘Nissan is actively recruiting for new engineers and maintenance technicians to join our highly skilled workforce at our Sunderland plant.

‘These new recruits will play a key role not only in maintaining our record production levels but in making sure that our Battery Plant and future new models are introduced successfully.’

Nissan has launched a website for candidates that want to find out more about the Sunderland plant. Details about new jobs and a section on the benefits of living and working in Sunderland and north-east England can be found here.

Nissan, as one of the founding UK companies in the new Talent Retention Solution, will be looking to match a number of its forthcoming job opportunities with skilled engineers facing redundancy from the defence sector.

The TRS was launched last week and will match these employees to UK companies in growing sectors of advanced manufacturing and engineering.