Nissan’s new engine sounds impressive

Nissan is giving little away about its new direct injection diesel engine which, if the claims are not hyperbole, could be one of the most efficient in the world.

The Neo Di (Nissan Ecology Oriented Direct Injection) power unit is an all-alloy turbo diesel engine which, claims Nissan, is capable of 100km on just 3l of fuel, generates high power and torque (74PS at 4,200rpm and 118lb ft at 2000rpm), low emissions (CO down to 90g/km) and subdued levels of noise and vibration.

Based on Nissan’s M-Fire combustion system, the engine makes use of newly developed technology. Firstly, the strong swirl motion generated by a helical intake port allows thorough mixing of fuel spray with air; ensuring complete burning of fuel and minimising the amount of soot formed. Also, a gradual combustion process which keeps the temperature lower and could reduce NOx emissions has been achieved by doubling the exhaust gas recirculation rate.

The combustion process has been further moderated by delaying the injection of fuel, thus reducing engine vibration and combustion noise.

More details will presumably follow. In the meantime, Nissan aim to put this impressive sounding power unit on the road around the beginning of the new millennium.