Hereford’s new NMiTE university invites students to design campus

NMiTE, a new engineering university to be based in Hereford, is seeking gap-year students to help design the campus and syllabus in a real-life ‘Sim City’ experiment.


Up to 75 young adults will take part in the project, with the opportunity open to anyone aged 18 or over who is currently planning a gap year before university or after graduating. Candidates need not necessarily be planning on studying engineering. According to MNiTE, students will help to create everything from the facilities to the student experience.

“NMiTE is effectively offering 75 young adults the unique opportunity to play Sim City in real life, with university facilities being designed and built around them based on their ideas, research and input,” said Professor Helen Rogers, the design cohort lead at NMiTE. “We are looking for the brightest, most talented, opinionated, diverse individuals to help us create the richest and most rewarding learning experience in Britain.

“Whether you want to be an engineer or not, our message is come to Hereford and help co-create the first new university in Britain for over 40 years.”

Those that are selected will receive a stipend equivalent to around £14,000 per annum, to cover time, living expenses and other costs. NMiTE says this contribution is in line with the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage for age 25 and over. Students can do one or more stints of 14-16 weeks, starting September 2018, January 2019 and May 2019. Those looking to participate can apply here. The closing date is July 4.

“We want to continue being led by the needs of students and employers,” Rogers added. “They will be helping us design the structure of the courses and answering important questions such as what technology we should have, how we should promote engineering, and what should our campus look like.

“Also, they will help with creating the whole student living experience.  For instance, what should our student accommodation feel like, what sports and leisure facilities should we provide, what pastoral support should be offered.

“While there won’t be a typical day as each will be different, as an illustration, they will be working in teams on a particular challenge with a month to investigate the problem, assess options and design an innovative solution. As we are creating the university, many of these challenges will be about creating NMiTE itself.”