No dumping in China

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) of the People’s Republic of China has affirmed that US fibre-optic manufacturer Corning did not ‘dump’ standard single-mode optical fibre into the Chinese market.

The MOC’s final determination concluded that Corning had not dumped standard single-mode optical fibre into the Chinese market since the margin between its home country pricing and its pricing into China was less than the statutory de minimis threshold.

The government ministry thereby eliminated its preliminary determination (in effect since June 16, 2004) of a 16% dumping margin which means that no dumping margin will be applied against Corning imports, effective immediately.

China’s MOC also ruled that optical fibre imports from the United States, Korea and Japan collectively caused injury to the domestic Chinese fiber industry. As a consequence of this injury finding, individual dumping margins have been assigned to the specific companies from these countries found guilty of dumping optical fibre by the Chinese MOC. However, in Corning’s case, no dumping margin was found.

China’s MOC initiated its anti-dumping investigation on July 1, 2003 against certain standard single-mode optical fibre products originating from the United States, Japan and Korea, alleging that foreign products were being imported and sold at lower prices than the market conditions justified, and that Chinese domestic producers were injured as a result.

The investigation was based on a complaint filed by two Chinese fibre manufacturers against several optical fibre producers.

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