No litter box required

Got 185,000 yen to spare? Then you could be the proud owner of a robot cat – even though you could get a real one for a lot less!

Created with Omron’s sensing, control and artificial intelligence technologies, NeCoRo the robot cat can not only react to human movement, it can express its own emotions as well.

Tactile sensors embedded in the head, chin and back allow the cat to recognise stroking and patting, and a microphone in its head allows it to detect sound as well as recognise the source of that sound. An internal acceleration sensor allows it to know its position when cradled or spun around your head.

Via a learning function, personality traits such as selfishness change in response to the owner’s behaviour. It will get angry if someone is violent to it (just like the wife really) and express satisfaction when stroked, cradled, and treated with lots of love.

The cat is powered by a nickel hydrogen battery (Ni-MH) that is good for 1 1/2 hours of operation.

Omron claim that by living with the cat day after day, the robot cat will enrich your life! For 185, 000 yen, I should hope so!