No merger now

The proposed merger between the IIE, IEE and IMechE to create a new Institute of Engineering is not going to happen after talks between the parties collapsed earlier this week.

The idea of creating one large inter-disciplinary engineering body in the UK with 240,000 members has fallen through due to ‘current differences in organisational structures and operational methods’, according a statement from the IIE.

Far from giving up on the idea of joining forces with another professional body, however, the IIE and the IEE are now examining the possibility of a two-way deal between them.

Should negotiations reach an advanced stage then, as before, a positive member vote with at least 75% of IIE members voting in favour would be required before the Institutes could move ahead with their plans to merge.

The IIE is the youngest of the three organisations. It was formed by a three-way merger of Institutes in 1998 and now represents around 40,000 Incorporated Engineers and Engineering Technicians.

The IEE, on the other hand, is the largest of the organisations with around 130,000 members, and was formed in 1871.

The IMechE is even older, founded 150 years ago by George Stephenson, inventor of the Rocket locomotive. It has around 80,000 members worldwide.