No more cheap ink

Hewlett-Packard has won a patent lawsuit that prohibits rip-off Microjet inkjet cartridges from being imported into the US.

HP instituted patent infringement proceedings before the US International Trade Commission (ITC) by filing a complaint against Microjet Technology of Taipei, Taiwan; Cartridge Hut and Paper Plus of Sun City, CA; Printer, of Reno, NV, and Price-Less Inkjet Cartridge Company and, both of Port Charlotte, FL.

HP’s complaint contended that the companies infringed six HP patents by importing or selling inkjet cartridges manufactured by Microjet, including one model intended to replace the HP 51626A cartridge and another model intended to replace the HP 51629A cartridge.

The ITC administrative law judge issued a lengthy decision detailing how the Microjet cartridges infringe five of the six HP patents. The judge also resoundingly rejected Microjet’s claims that the patents were invalid. Earlier in the proceedings, HP settled with defendant distributors Printer Essentials and Cartridge Hut after they each acknowledged the Microjet cartridges infringe HP’s patents and agreed to immediately stop importing and selling the cartridges.

The judge’s decision is the critical first step to an order HP seeks from the ITC prohibiting the defendants from importing and selling any infringing inkjet cartridges into the United States.

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