No pressure, we’ve got it covered – The Cerabar pressure range

In any manufacturing plant in the life science industries, pressure is an important measurement variable. Reliable, accurate pressure measurement makes the difference between a plant running at full capacity to one that leaks money in downtime and poor productivity. 

Endress+Hauser’s Cerabar pressure sensor range has been designed to offer outstanding performance across the life science industries. The Cerabar M overload-resistant pressure transmitter measures the gauge and absolute pressure of gas, vapour and liquid. With a ceramic sensor, it offers long-term stability through its high overload resistance (up to 40 times the nominal value) and its ability to remain accurate even in the event of sudden pressure peaks. With its smooth surface, no oil fill and flush mounting connections, Cerabar M is popular in the life science industries conforming to 3-A, FDA and EHEDG approvals. The metallic sensor version can withstand high pressures up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 350°C while it features a variety of wetted parts including Hastelloys and Monel.

Whilst Cerabar S is used in a wide variety of processes and industries, it really comes into its own in traditionally more demanding applications where precision measurement and long-term stability (0.075% linearity as standard) is a must. Better still, with a Quick Setup menu to make configuration easy and reliable, just select pressure, level or ?ow using the graphic matrix – and you’re ready to go! Ready for anything, the Cerabar S also features a range of hygienic process connections for flush mounting and an easy-clean stainless steel housing designed to withstand CIP/SIP cleaning.

Cerabar: always well connected
Both Cerabar M and S devices are HART and PROFIBUS compatible, offering all the additional information benefits associated with fieldbus networked devices. Specifically designed for more demanding applications as experienced in the life science industries, Cerabar S also offers FOUNDATION Fieldbus connectivity, the fieldbus of choice for these industries.

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