No problems sensing transparent films

Omron’s E3X-NL is an advanced glossy object sensor developed to detect targets such as clear film wrapping on products, transparent labels on paperboard or adhesive layers on parts – all objects which are notoriously difficult to detect.

The sensor uses polarised light at the emitter, which is reflected back either regularly or diffused according to the glossiness of the target.

The receiver employs Omron’s Free Angle Optics technology to produce an advanced polarised beam splitter, which feeds the reflected light components into processing circuits which determine the level of glossiness.

The E3X-NL uses a dedicated, compact sensor head requiring very little space for installation. The 2mm spot head allows a wide range of detection operations, including the positioning of tiny, glossy objects.

Applications for the E3X-NL include verification of adhesive dispensing in electronics assembly, label detection in bottling, detection of shrink wrap material in packaging, and detection of clear film wrapping in food manufacture.

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