Nokia to supply its 3G network in Belgium

Proximus Belgacom Mobile and Nokia have signed a three-year agreement for the supply of a complete radio-access and packet core network for Proximus’s 3G network.

In addition, Nokia will supply a large range of support services, including planning, implementation, maintenance and training services.

Nokia will also expand Proximus’s existing 2G GSM network and modernise the older part of the network. Nokia estimates the total value of the agreements could be up to 200 million euros.

Proximus is a joint-subsidiary of Belgacom (75%) and Vodafone (25%) that was created in 1994. Proximus has over 4.1 million mobile subscribers.

Nokia also recently signed a contract with Lietuvos Telekomas, the incumbent operator in Lithuania for the supply of a broadband DSL network that will allow fast Internet services to be deployed throughout Lithuania.

The agreement covers the delivery of Nokia’s D50e DSLAM two-stage ATM-transmission based platform which allows operators to offer a complete range of DSL technologies, including ADSL and g.SHDSL.

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