Non-contact alternative to pots

The Balluff Micropulse BTL6 AT magnetostrictive linear transducer is a non-contact alternative to traditional low-cost linear feedback devices such as linear potentiometers.

The most significant advantage for the Micropulse AT is the non-contact, wear-free magnetoresistive sensing principle. Linear potentiometers, by contrast, are electro-mechanical devices that use a moving wiper contact riding along a resistive element. Both the wiper contact and the resistive element are subject to wear from repeated operation and continuous machine vibration. Abrasive contaminants are able to enter the potentiometer housing through the mechanical seals, further accelerating wear leading to erratic position signals.

With no moving parts, the Micropulse AT is impervious to typical airborne environmental contamination such as dust and grit. It is also shock and vibration rated for use in demanding industrial applications. Its M12 connector ensures that it can be replaced without the need to remove and reinstall hardwired cabling.

The round housing of the Micropulse AT allows the unit to be rotated to sense the position magnet in multiple directions. The position magnet itself is a floating design, meaning no mechanical linkage is required, saving cost and reducing installation complexity. Furthermore, linkage is eliminated as a source of backlash error.

Dispensing with mechanical linkage also eliminates over-stroking the mechanism as another potential source of sensor breakage and production downtime.

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