Norman Hay announces acquisition of Sifco-ASC

Norman Hay, which specialises in chemicals, sealants and surface coatings, has acquired Sifco-ASC, a supplier of selective electroplating and anodising services, as part of its international expansion plans.

Sifco-ASC, which supplies selective plating to aerospace, oil and gas and power generation businesses and which operates in the US and Europe, is said to be a complementary fit to UK-based Norman Hay, which supplies to customers in a range of industries across five continents.

Sifco-ASC employs around 80 people in eight locations in the US, the UK, Sweden and France and also has a number of licensed job shops, agents and distributors worldwide.

It manufactures process equipment and associated chemicals for selective electroplating and anodising and has its own subcontract process operations across the US and Europe.