Northrop Grumman awarded $70 million contract

The US Army has awarded Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Electronic Systems sector a radar system upgrade contract valued at approximately $70 million.

Northrop Grumman Corporation’s Electronic Systems sector has been awarded a four-year contract by the US Army’s Communications and Electronics Command for follow-on production of its AN/TPQ-36(V)8 Firefinder radar system upgrade.

According to a statement, the contract calls for an additional 39 Firefinder radar set kits and spares valued at approximately $70 million, provided all options are exercised.The kit consists primarily of a new operator shelter and radar processor that will be used with an existing antenna.

To date, active Army, Army Reserve, National Guard and US Marine Corps units have fielded 54 AN/TPQ-36(V)8 systems.

Firefinder is used by field artillery units to provide enemy mortar, artillery and rocket-launch locations; target acquisition; and counterfire support for divisions, brigades and rapid deployment task forces.

The Firefinder system is said to locate targets by using X-band radar to detect incoming mortar and artillery rounds and rockets. It then determines the launchers’ positions and relays targeting data to a fire direction centre (FDC) for counter-battery engagement.

Firefinder can also be used to correct the fall of friendly artillery fire by detecting rounds in flight and extrapolating impact points. This information is then passed back to the FDC to enable more precise target engagement with subsequent rounds.