Norway places $86 million Javelin order

Norway has become the fifth international Javelin missile customer after placing an $86 million order for the anti-tank weapon with the Raytheon- Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture.

The contract calls for 526 missile rounds and 90 command launch units (CLUs), along with trainers, contractor logistic support and spares. Delivery is scheduled for mid-2006 to mid-2007.

‘The [Norwegian] Army has desired this capability for a long period of time, so I am therefore very glad that we now have this in place,’ said Norwegian Minister of Defence Kristin Krohn Devold.

According to a statement, the Javelin system will give the Norwegian Army a one-man-portable, anti-tank weapon with a range of 65 to 2,500 metres. Javelin technology includes long-wave imaging infrared technology that permits employment in all weather and battlefield conditions.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Raytheon – Lockheed Martin JV will share its work with a number of Norwegian defence contractors, including Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace, Nammo, Vinghog, Dyno and NATECH.