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A new digital license plate, featuring a smart radio frequency chip and holographic technology, offers a new deterrent against car theft.

The new high-security document ‘iltag’ (intelligent license tag), which is used to supplement familiar license plates, allows authorised individuals such as the police, to view electronic data that verifies the ownership and status of a vehicle.

The ‘iltag,’ which is about the size of an identity card (105mm x 75mm), was jointly developed by Infineon, Schreiner Prosecure and Utsch.

Infineon supplied the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip with antenna, which Schreiner ProSecure integrated with a special hologram film and self-adhesive label that secures the tag to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield. Erich Utsch is responsible for the development of the overall system and international marketing of the intelligent license plate.

Since any attempt to remove it from the windshield destroys both the security film and the connection between chip and antenna, the ‘iltag’ cannot be transferred to other vehicles.

The ‘iltag’ contains visible printed information like the letter/digit combination on the license plate. Further data of up to 1,000 characters can be stored on the chip and typically can include the names of all authorised drivers, vehicle tax and insurance as well as vehicle registration data. This information can be using short-range tag readers whether the vehicle is parked or moving slowly.

The chip’s memory also can be segregated into different areas which are protected by encryption codes, creating secure information areas. Only authorised parties can access the data to view or update assigned memory areas.

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