Not too stuck-up for a textured, painted surface

The sticky problem of finding a label which will bond to the most difficult of surfaces

Labels may not appear to be the most critical of engineering components, but many products would be almost useless without them. According to Andrew Marks, of 3M’s Technical Department, `More designers are using powder coated finishes and low energy plastics in their products. These have great advantages for improving the performance, look and feel of the products, however, they have traditionally presented difficult surfaces on which to bond permanent labels.’

They carry critical information relating to the performance and use of the article. Every one of the drives designed and manufactured by Eurotherm Drives needs a label, however, finding one that was up to the task on the 590 series of analog, digital and LINK drives, proved a difficult challenge to solve.

The solution proposed by Labelgraphics was a label from the 350 series recently launched by 3M. These labels utilise a premium adhesive which will bond to the most difficult surfaces, including oily metals, powder coated surfaces and low surface energy plastics. The labels have UL recognition and are suitable for use on a wide range of modern materials.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of 177 degrees C, the labels resist attack from chemicals and light. Textured surfaces present no problem because of the thick adhesive layer. To improve production efficiency, Labelgraphics was requested to supply one label set to meet all the labelling demands of the 590 range. Information on the labels was to be printed in-house using a thermal transfer printer. Labelgraphics, therefore, is supplying a 300mm x 85mm label made from 3M’s 7872 material, die-cut into eight smaller labels of various sizes. The labels are used for both product identification/use, and to give production information on the factory floor.

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