Nothing too heavy for Titan

The world’s largest and strongest six-axis industrial robot was recently unveiled by KUKA, a manufacturer of industrial robots and factory automation equipment.

The robot, called Titan, has a payload capacity of more than 2,000lbs (1,000kg) and can automate a wide range of heavy-duty manufacturing applications.

The Titan, which has secured a place in the Guinness Book of World Records, boasts nine motors that, together, deliver the power of a mid-sized car. Its reach extends to more than 4m at full stretch and its work envelope is 78cu m.

The robot has been developed to handle heavy-duty payloads, which previously required at least two robots or high-cost, less flexible gantry systems.

KUKA says the Titan KR1000 is capable of handling large and bulky components such as car bodies, building materials and huge castings.

The first customer is a German glass manufacturer, which will use Titan to handle 3sq m, 700kg glass sheets using a gripper tool weighing about 300kg. Interest in the giant robot has come from top carmakers as well as from foundries in Europe.

Titan can be shipped in a standard container. It is equipped with standard mounting plates and offers benefits such as modular construction, user-friendly programming and an intuitive control system.

Two more variants will be launched early next year. The KR1000 L750 will boast an extended reach of 5m, and another version for use in foundries.

The Titan robot has won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records