NOx reduction

Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire has awarded a contract to Mitsui Babcock for new technology to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.

The new technology, a boosted overfire air (BOFA) system, will make Drax one of the first power stations to comply with the European Large Combustion Plant Directive (LCPD).

BOFA systems combine with other low-NOx burner systems to keep the flue gases within the NOx reduction zone for longer. According to Mitsui Babcock, this reducing the levels of NOx emitted to the atmosphere to some 40-50% of those which could be achieved with low-NOx burners alone.

The LCPD comes into force in 2008. Designed to limit emissions of particulates, NOx and SOx, the directive will force Drax to keep NOx levels at or below 499mg/Nm3 until 2015; beyond that, emissions will have to reduce to 202mg/Nm3.

‘We awarded the contract to Mitsui Babcock after carefully considering not only the potential for NOx reduction, but also increased fuel flexibility, minimum plant disruption and cost,’ explains Gerald Wingrove, chief executive of Drax Power.

‘The Mitsui Babcock technology offers the best combination of all three, allowing Drax to be one of the first to take the lead in meeting the LCPD emissions reduction targets ahead of their deadline.’

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