Nuclear on station

E.ON, AREVA and Siemens have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) regarding the construction of new nuclear power stations and further development of nuclear power technology. The LoI aims to support the construction of E.ON’s nuclear power stations in the UK.

In this framework, E.ON is to select AREVA’s 1,600MW advanced pressurised-water reactor EPR and Siemens ‘conventional island’, to construct new nuclear power stations in Britain.

The company is to collaborate on developing further AREVA’s SWR 1000, boiling-water reactor in the range of 1,250MW. According to E.ON the reactor will offer maximum safety for the use of nuclear power.

The three companies also intend to collaborate on research and development. Part of this cooperation is the mutual exchange of experts to ensure that the common development work is as efficient as possible. In addition, E.ON and AREVA are entering into long-term partnerships in service and maintenance for existing and nuclear power stations.