Nyko Technologies retain patent protection

Nyko Technologies has this week won a significant victory in its ongoing patent infringement litigation with Electro Source over its Pelican line of products.

The Los Angeles Federal Court had previously entered an injunction prohibiting Electro Source from continuing to misappropriate the design of Nyko’s Worm Light, a lighting device used with Nintendo’s Game Boy Colour.

On April 7, 2003, the Federal Court ruled against a motion brought by Electro Source, which had sought to narrowly limit the scope of two of Nyko’s patents, or have them declared invalid or unenforceable.

The Federal Court rejected the arguments made by Electro Source, and ruled that Nyko’s patents were entitled to the full breadth of protection that had been recognised by the United States Patent Office.

Monday’s decision by the Court is one more in a continuing string of victories by Nyko as part of its litigation against its competitors.

Nyko is the owner of numerous patents within the video gaming business and has over a dozen patents directed to the lighting of portable electronic and computing devices.

‘We are very pleased with the ruling,’ said Herschel Naghi, president, Nyko Technologies. ‘We are constantly faced with those who would misappropriate Nyko’s proprietary technologies and we have been uniformly successful in stopping these efforts.’

Created in 1999, the Worm Light plugs into and is powered by the utility power jack of Nintendo’s Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance.

The accessory illuminates the screen with an LED light for easier viewing in low light conditions and is attached to the portable gaming device with a ‘worm-like’ flexible arm for better manoeuvrability.