Oclaro announces second-quarter fiscal 2011 results

Oclaro, a tier-one provider of innovative optical communications and laser solutions, has announced financial results for its second quarter of fiscal year 2011 ending 1 January 2011.

Revenues were $120.3m for the second quarter compared to $121.3m in the first and cash, cash equivalents and restricted cash were $78.1m as of 1 January 2011.

GAAP gross margin was 30 per cent for the second quarter of fiscal 2011, compared to 29 per cent in the first quarter, while operating income was $1.6m, compared to $5.0m in the previous quarter.

GAAP net loss for the second quarter was $0.2m, compared to GAAP net income of $0.4m in the first quarter of fiscal 2011.