Octopus funds development of VivoSight scanners

Octopus Investments has pumped £1.7m into Michelson Diagnostics, whose VivoSight laser scanning technology is claimed to image skin and other surface tissue at high resolution.

The VivoSight scanner has already won CE and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory clearance for clinical use in Europe and the US, and is now being trialled by skin cancer specialists.

The company says its VivoSight scanner will, for the first time, enable clinicians to see under the skin surface in real time, to help them decide whether to treat a lesion, what treatment to use and to show them how far a tumour has spread so that surgery is required only once.

This is expected to make non-melanoma skin cancer treatment more efficient and cost effective, as well as being better for the patient by reducing unnecessary surgery.

The investment from Octopus will help fund the manufacture and placement of VivoSight scanners for clinical and economic validation, as well as support the growth of the sales infrastructure in the UK and US.