Off to war with the ‘Mule

Among the ‘warriors’ taking part in BBC 2’s ‘Robot Wars’ is one called ‘The Mule’, powered in part by a David Brown Radicon Series M28 gear unit.

Designed and built by Roger Plant with aluminium and titanium armour, the three wheeled ‘Mule’ could battle against up to 71 enemies in the search to find the supreme Robot Warrior. Designed to withstand at least seven battles, its weaponry in the quest includes three legs able to kick upwards and outwards at a force of 70kg and a forklift with sharpened forks able to hoist and cast aside anything weighing up to 120kg. It weighs 79.4kg and measures 100cm 3 74cm 3 45cm. Its battle uniform is fluorescent red, yellow and green.

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