On a roll

Polymer Vision announced yesterday that it is in cooperation with Innos (UK) to establish the world’s first production facility for organic semiconductor based rollable displays.

Manufacturing will start this year to meet the increasing commercial demand for Polymer Vision display technology and products.

Following 10 years of research, Polymer Vision has spent the past three years processing displays in its own pilot facility in Eindhoven to develop the technology to maturity.

Polymer Vision and Innos will transfer the process technology and finalise qualifications in Southampton, UK, where Innos has already started installing equipment in its newly built cleanroom.

In line with their strategy to use mainstream Thin Film Transistor (TFT) equipment, Polymer Vision says it is confident it will rapidly scale up to commercial volumes in 2007.

Polymer Vision rollable display technology enables mobile devices to incorporate a display that is larger than the device itself. According to Polymer Vision, this is the breakthrough needed in the global mobile industry, to address the dilemma of display size versus device size.