On-line: This month’s pick of the web


Thanks to Alan Tovey for pointing us in the direction of this search engine that searches the search engines. As well as returning accurate results, this site has a nicely laid out section of tips to finely hone your search.


Renold Chain has developed a nice piece of software that determines the correct size of transmission-chain from a minimal amount of data on the user’s application. The program provides data on things like predicted wear life, peak loads and breaking-loads and allows the user to experiment with what-if scenarios.

The tool is also free and you don’t need to download it to use it.


Set up by Young and Rubican Europe, and supported by a number of publishers including Centaur, this site encourages European engineers to fill in a questionnaire about current and projected use of the internet. The first survey of its kind in Europe, Eurostatus will give European professionals key data on a regular basis about topical business issues, company rankings, business and consumer confidence levels and lifestyle and results from the bi-monthly surveys will appear on-line as well as in our publications.


The UK manufacturing industry has been particularly slow to take up e-business solutions, argues Richard Pell, Norgren’s UK marketing manager. While every other industry appears to be basking in the glow of e-commerce, Pell claims that the UK needs to embrace the web with a little more enthusiasm and recognise that its benefits go beyond it simply being a virtual shop front.

Pell’s comments coincide with the UK launch of Norgren’s on-line sales site. With the model taken from successful non-industry sites, like Amazon, where the user is able to check the status of orders and store information, the site displays a slickness that should soon become the industry norm.

The ‘webstore’ features every product in Norgren’s catalogue along with a picture

Initially being launched in the UK, the company ambitiously expects the site to soon be generating 25% of its total global sales.

Mannesmann Rexroth offers a similar service at www.rexroth-mecman.com


For those hopefully rare occasions when your innate understanding of everything deserts you, this site is a gem. From cruise missiles to cricket, the site uses concise descriptions, images and weblinks to tell you how stuff works.


If the plethora of British Standards leaves you feeling like you’ve just stepped off a nasty fairground ride, this could be the site for you.

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