One-chip solution for caller ID

Samsung has developed a multi functional chip that can identify mobile phone callers through DSP technology. Samsung Electronics has completed development of a one-chip solution for caller ID function for mobile phones. Initial shipments to telephone system manufacturers are expected to begin this month.

The chip was developed with CalmRISC micro-controller unit technology and is the first caller ID device to use digital signal processor (DSP) technology. It is available in an English language version (model: S3FB519X) and a Korean language version (model: S3C822B) versions. Samsung officials say they are about six months ahead of the competition in putting this new device on the market.

Importantly, the new Samsung device performs the functions of three chips currently in use in English language caller ID systems or two chips now used to support a new Korean language caller ID service. The greater integration reduces production costs by 15 to 20 percent and decreases space requirement by 30 to 35 percent.

A phone capable of caller ID service displays the telephone number of the caller on a LCD screen. This function is expected to greatly curtail the incidence of telephone stalking or telephone pranks. At the same time, the user is able to screen calls.

Caller ID systems are now in use in the US, Japan and Taiwan. Korea is scheduled to launch this service in 2001 as well. The world market for caller ID chips is forecast to be 80 million units next year and to reach 100 million units in 2002.