One for compliance

Compliance measurements that once required many steps can now be achieved at the touch of a single button. The new combined high speed 50GHz oscilloscope/digital communications analyser (DCA) from Agilent Technologies eliminates cumbersome compliance test procedures and thus makes digital component testing quicker and easier.

The Agilent 86100A features integrated optical and electrical receivers and these provide high accuracy when measuring and characterising lightwave communications waveforms. The receivers cover standard rates for SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel up to 10Gb/s. Also, the incorporation of industry standard filters enables engineers to switch from compliance testing to wide bandwidth analysis in seconds.

This instrument has been designed to be fully compatible with Agilent’s existing range of analysers and oscilloscopes. And its flexible platform will allow new firmware upgrades and modules to be added in the future simply by plugging them into the mainframe.