One little pellet saves on fuel

Pop one of these pellets into your car’s fuel tank, and you could cut your fuel consumption by up to 32%. That’s the claim of Best Ecotech for its Eco Magic Pellets EMP-03.

Essentially a fuel consumption catalyst, the pellets offer other benefits besides the fuel savings. They can reduce exhaust emissions and you’ll also get a noticeable increase in engine power output and performance, and a reduction of noise and engine vibration.

The claims may seem outrageous, but the pellets have been tested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Research Institute for Environmental Protection, which is one of two official certification testing facilities in Japan.

The pellets achieve these improvements by making the fuel cluster smaller, preventing pre-ignition – through an ionizing effect on part of the fuel – and by a hydrogenating effect on part of the fuel. The pellets are suitable for all internal combustion engines.

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