One piece mini ball valve

Parker Instrumentation has launched a miniature 12-mm/1/2-inch ball valve for fluid instrumentation applications. Thanks to a patented one-piece seat and packing component, the valve operates over a wide temperature range.

The moulded one-piece seat/packing component eliminates ‘dead-space’ between the valve and the inlet/outlet connections which can trap particles or build up deposits – as well as a potential leak path. Combined with the valve’s miniature design and integral compression tubing connections, which cut weight and space compared with conventional products, instrumentation engineers have a product that can be used in all ball valve applications including high purity sectors such as bio-pharm and semiconductors.

Designated MB8, 0.406-inch/10.3-mm orifice valve offers a high flow co-efficient (Cv) of 6.42 and is rated for 2500 PSIG/172 bar operation. Fabricated from 316 stainless steel, it is available in a three-way configuration, or either in-line or angle two-way configurations. The product completes Parker’s MB Series of miniature ball valves, adding a high flow option to complement design options for tubing sizes down to 1/16-inch/3-mm.

Parker’s innovative one-piece valve seat and packing component sidesteps the expansion and contraction issues associated with the use of individual seat and packing components, allowing Parker to specify the valve for operation over an extended temperature range. As standard, MB8 operates over -54 to +149 degrees C (-65 to +300 degrees F). Unlike some other mini ball valves, the packing nut may also be adjusted without special tools.

The moulded seat/packing component is fabricated from PFA (perfluoroalkoxy), a material which is inert to most industrial chemicals and solvents, and highly resistant to wear. This facilitates its use in applications demanding high levels of purity or hygiene, as well as in systems handling corrosive fluids and gases such as those encountered in the chemical, oil and gas industries.

The valve’s ball construction makes it suited for fast-acting inlet, isolation or directional control of liquids or gases, operated by a quarter or half turn depending on the port configuration. Compatible pneumatic actuators are available for automated applications.

Together, these features provide users with a valve which is capable of miniaturising equipment designs for a range of directional control, mixing, filling and venting applications. This applications potential is also widened by the ability to mount on panels as thick as 1/4-inch/6-mm.

For safety and durability, Parker uses nylon 6/6 for the valve’s handle, a material which does not become brittle with age. The engagement from the handle to the stem is also a direct ‘D’ drive, for foolproof indication of valve status and positive operation.

Users have a choice of integral single-ferrule CPI compression tube connections, standard dual-ferrule A-LOK fittings, and NPT pipe fittings with male or female threads.