Online gas service launched by BOC

A customer website with access to continuously updated online information on more than 10,000 pure special gases and mixtures has been launched by BOC in the UK.

The website at <A HREF=’’>BOC Special Gasses</A>, displays real-time product data. According to BOC, users can instantly obtain material safety data sheets for all the company’s special gases products, as well as specific product, technical and market information.

Stuart Askew, project manager, BOC, said: ‘The benefit of such a system is that we are able to list products from the pure gases and mixtures range with the confidence that what the customer sees on screen will be exactly what they get.’

‘The product screens show real time product data, for example, the part numbers, pressures and valve outlet details are all fields that are SAP generated. There are no databases or spread sheets that need to be continuously maintained and updated.’

Entry to the site is password protected and allows customers to manage their orders and finances, plus offering expert advice from BOC.

Other features of the service include being able to obtain account information online, physical and compatibility gas data, detailed market information and cylinder and valve package details. Through the site customers can also view safety, technical and product information about the processes and products they are interested in.

‘Prior to launch we conducted a number of user surveys that resulted in very positive feedback for such a site, and in the short time the site has been ‘live’ we have had a fantastic response with more than 350 customers signing-up to the new service,’ added Stuart.

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