Open source database develops

SAP has announced it will make the SAP DB database management system available as open-source software under GNU General Public License.

SAP will host a community forum at to drive further development of SAP DB with open-source contributors, and provide users with free access to the Web-enabled database software so they can rapidly deploy and custom develop applications.

‘We welcome the SAP decision to make SAP DB open source,’ said Bernhard Kraft, SAP-basis competence centrum manager at Deutsche Post in Bonn, Germany. ‘This will ensure fast, continual, Internet-speed improvement of our database platform, SAP DB.’

The SAP DB database management system will be available for download when the site is completed later this year. The site will function as a central forum for developers and users to share and exchange enhancements to SAP DB; take part in mailing lists, newsgroups and chat forums; download software updates; share tips about the software; and locate service and support offerings provided by SAP or other organisations. SAP DB provides users with a stable, reliable, easy-to-use and platform-independent database.

In addition, SAP continues to invest in a dedicated team of more than 100 SAP DB developers and will make all future developments of the database software available as open source. SAP also offers a service contract for mission-critical use of SAP DB with or without SAP applications.