Open the box and take your pick

A series of add-on expansion modules for the 690+ AC drives range has been released by Eurotherm Drives to offer a wide range of fieldbus options and system capabilities.

Called technology boxes, the modules simply plug into the drive to provide users with a simple means of customising a base product to meet their exact requirements. The system also provides an upgrade path so that drives can be adapted as the demands of the application change.

A wide choice of fieldbus connectivity covers Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CanOpen and Modbus as well as RS422/485 and Eurotherm Drive’s proprietary Link fibre optic drives networking solution.

The technology box concept provides an easy method of tailoring performance to match the needs of the application, while offering protection to sensitive electronics with robust modules. Each drive can accommodate three modules.

The family has been designed to use three drive strategies: open loop, sensorless vector and closed loop vector control. Sensorless vector control uses the model reference adaptive system (MRAS), which provides current as well as speed control.

The 690+ is part of the Integrator drives family which shares human machine interface, technology boxes and programming tools with the ranges. Instrument departments need only become conversant with one programming methodology regardless of which technology is being applied.